1. The e-konsultantprawny.pl portal is sub-divided into 9 thematic modules that correspond with the individual areas of a company’s operations:

    Contracts and Agreements, Forms, Company, Debt Collection, Court Suits, Tender Procedures, Running Your Business, Human Resources. 

2. The User may use the entire portal, selected modules or single documents.
3. The use of the knowledge database is free of charge. It is available to all users.
4. You need to sign up in order to use the portal.
5. How to sign up

  • The “sign up” button is in the top right-hand corner – you will be requested to enter your details to sign up: your e-mail address (login name) and password. You must accept the General Terms and Conditions in order to sign up.
  • The activation link will be sent to the e-mail address you have given as part of the registration process. The registration process will be complete once you click the link. You will be rerouted to the portal's home site then.

6. How to use the portal

  • Log in – home page – top right-hand corner; you log into the site by giving your e-mail address and password.
  • Selecting a document or module
  • You get access to a document or entire module by clicking the button “Buy”. The payment system opens on another webpage. After you have entered your details and selected your bank, you will be rerouted to the Payu website and to your bank’s website in order to complete the transaction.

7. Once the transaction is completed, you have access to the generator. You are able to use the generator for the duration of your subscription. You may use any number of documents with different options based on one generator. All documents you have generated will be saved to your account.

8. The English version of your document is available as soon as you purchase the generator. All you need to do is click the flag icon in the top right hand corner. The English version of the document is created once you have clicked the button “export to pdf (en)” and “export to doc (en)” which is found at the end of each generator. All you need to do is to complete the document in Polish and you will be able to download it in both Polish and English.

9. Invoicing – you may generate an invoice in the Profile section upon completing the required data.



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